The LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System ® is a voluntary, consensus-based, national standard for developing high-performance, sustainable “green” buildings. Members of the U.S. Green Building Council, representing all segments of the building industry, developed LEED and continue to contribute to its evolution.

USGBCMore and more building owners and architects are looking to build to the LEED Standard. The benefits include:

  • Reduction of owner’s energy cost;
  • Qualification for New York State Tax Credits ;
  • Improvement of work environment and air quality;

A project becomes viable LEED certification by meeting all prerequisites and achieving a minimum number of points.

Taylor can provide timely and accurate LEED reporting, required for certification, for material brought to our facility, as requested by the customer. We can also assist in the development of your waste management plan and help you in the identification of at least five different waste streams.

Finally, utilizing Taylor Montgomery will earn your project one point for recycling at least 50% (by weight) of your construction & demolition debris.

Contact our sales department for more information on LEED projects and reporting.

LEED related resources

www.usgbc.org – This web site will provide you with a comprehensive look at the LEED® Green Building Rating System. Click here to see the Old Main Building at SUNY New Paltz that received LEED® Silver certification with Taylor’s assistance.
www.greenbuildexpo.org – USGBC’s Annual International Conference and includes everything about Green building.
www.hodgsonruss.com – This web site provides you with important information on how to qualify for the tax credits and relief offered through New York’s Green Building Credit and Tax Relief for a Greener New York.
www.nyserda.ny.gov – New York State Energy Research and Development Agency provides you with more information and links regarding Green Building Services.
www.greenbuilder.com – Includes listing of sustainable building conferences.
www.swinter.com – Steven Winters Associates, Inc. is a firm with many Green building projects and available information. They have a long-standing commitment to achieving energy-, cost-, and resource-efficient buildings that meet the needs of a demanding and diverse client base.