& Clean Up Services

At Taylor-Montgomery, LLC, we know that the greenest building is the one that is already standing and in good health. However, sometimes, due to age, disaster and poor conditions, a new building must take its place. When that situation arises, Taylor has the experience, personnel, equipment and the technical skill to get your project completed and your building demolished, on time and within budget.  Taylor has demolished buildings of various size and scale, for many different customers, from private home owners, to Ulster County DPW, to Woodbury Commons Premium Outlets. You may have even seen our demolition handiwork on the Extreme Home Makeover episode that was filmed in Pine Bush, New York.

Taylor will report to your site and handle every aspect your demolition project: including an asbestos survey, partial or complete demolition, complete state-of-the-art recycling process and manufacture of your material into recycled products. Sometimes these materials return right back to the same site, as recycled product, to be used in a new way; which can LEED value to your project (see section on LEED for more information on LEED points).

The fastest way to get a quote is to provide us with site specifications, including measurements and photos of the building. We can then provide you with an estimate or determine if a site visit is required. If photos and measurements are not available, we can perform that work for you as well. For more information, please use the “contact us” link or call us at 845.457.4021.