Company History

The Taylor-Montgomery, LLC (TM) located in Orange County, NY company history is firmly rooted in a company called Taylor Tree Surgery, which was founded by James W. Taylor, Sr. in 1956. James W Taylor, Jr. purchased the company from his father in 1977, and he quickly became known around the region as “Mr. Tree.” The company blossomed under Jim’s management and began producing landscape decorative mulch from tree waste, instead of simply burying it.

This change fostered new growth for the company. In addition to land clearing debris, the company began recycling construction and demolition (C&D) debris as well. In 1995, Taylor-Montgomery, LLC was founded. The facility receives an average of 53,000 tons of C&D debris per year, which is sorted and separated onsite. Over 95% of that material is recycled, or reused, into useful products for commercial or residential use.

Modern day TM is, truly, a family business. James W. Taylor, Jr serves as chairman of the board, while his three adult children use their individual talents to manage different facets of the company. Each partner is firmly entrenched in the day-to-day operations, both on and off site.

James W. Taylor, III is the Managing Partner for Operations. He handles all matters regarding the onsite operations of the facility. He coordinates the complex mix of hauling, debris processing and product manufacturing activities spread across the 85 acre site in Montgomery, NY.

Hans E. Taylor is the Managing Partner for Business Development and Outside Operations. Hans’ primary focus is broadening the scope of the business, and managing all off-site project work. He serves as lead estimator, negotiator and relationship manager for Taylor’s largest customers.

Tonyalynn Taylor is the Managing Partner for Finance and Administration. Tonyalynn is responsible for the inner-workings of the administrative office and keeps a watchful eye on all the details related to Taylor’s financial management. Tonyalynn is able to handle any role in the administrative office, from the weigh-scale, to compliance, to sales. Tonyalynn does it all and can choose and train the best talent to do it, as well.

The Managing Partners are ably backed, by a dedicated and hard-working staff, many of whom have been with the company for years, some for decades. All of Taylor’s team members have an eye to future growth. As the company branches out to future endeavors, new ways to recycle old material are always top of mind.

For the last several years Taylor has been planting the seeds to recover the energy content in organic waste, using biomass gasification. To learn more about Taylor’s exciting developments in this growing field, please see our “Affiliated Companies” page.